President Jokowi Inspects COVID-19 Vaccination in Deli Serdang

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President Joko Widodo visits Emplasmen Kuala Namu village, Deli Serdang, North Sumatra, Thursday (09/16). Photo by: BPMI of Presidential Secretariat/Laily Rachev.

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President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo on Thursday (16/09) inspected door-to-door COVID-19 vaccination for communities in Emplasmen Kuala Namu village, Beringin subdistrict, Deli Serdang regency, North Sumatra province.

“In the future, we will invite the public to live side by side with COVID-19, meaning that the health protocol is the key, vaccination is the key,” the President said.

The President said that the inspection of COVID-19 vaccination was aimed at ensuring that vaccine distribution and acceleration of vaccination program in the country ran smoothly. The implementation of door-to-door vaccination is also important to further help the community to access COVID-19 vaccine.

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He said that the program will facilitate the public to access the vaccine, especially for those who have difficulties to access it.

“I really appreciate the enthusiasm of the people in Deli Serdang who participate in door-to-door vaccination and I hope that it will accelerate and increase the vaccination rate in North Sumatra Province,” the President said. (BPMI of Presidential Secretariat/UN) (RI/LW)

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